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Mon. Aug 27

I awoke this morning to the sound of a great commotion in the water below my tent. I looked out and saw a seal pursuing a large salmon that was doing everything possible to get away. I was amazed at the agility of the seal in the water as he matched every move the fish made finally catching it and swimming away with it in his jaws.

Sky is heavily overcast and a light rain was falling. I took a walk back into the Valley, carrying my gun and machete with me which I used to cut away the nettles which were growing thick alone the bear trail. I found some fresh tracks and droppings but didn’t see any bears, but had a very enjoyable walk nonetheless. (If I were a bear, this is where I would like to live). By the time I got back to camp, packed my gear and got underway, it was 1:00 p.m. A light rain fell the whole day. I covered a distance of about 8 miles returning to the second campsite I used on the way in, near the first big bend in the arm. It was raining harder as I made camp and cooked my dinner.